How does the usual procedure for a mastering job look like?

In a personal conversation we clarify the time frame and the costs, discuss specific issues like the Mix-delivery and especially your sonic ideas. Then you simply submit the Mixes either online via WeTransfer or personally to me. The finished Masters will be put the same way back, so you can edit them by listening in your usual listening environment. For changes you just give me a short notice. After the final acceptance of the Masters I get everything ready for your desired target media or the press shop.

How do I have to deliver the mix-data?

You can either provide 32-bit floating point WAV / AIF or 24-bit. The files may be stereo interleaved or split stereo. But Stereo Interleaved has established itself as a quasi-standard and is more common. For bouncing please use the sample rate of your project, what means: a 44.1kHz project must be bounced in 44.1kHz, a 96kHz in 96kHz etc. Please order the titles with file names in the order you like to have on your desired Media. For example, 01-Artist-Titel-Mix01.wav 02-Artist-Titel-Mix01.wav and so on..

On which level should I set my mix and may I use sum compression?

It makes no difference with a 24 bit mix whether it is between -0,1dbFS or -10dbFS. As long as the maximum level remains below 0dBfs It's okay - as a guide, I recommend -3dbFS.Before you do the mixdown, remove all sum-effects like limiters, enhancers, exciters or clippers serving the loudness extraction. A moderate sum compression can be left in the mix if enough headroom still remains when a particular sound has to be achieved in the mix. If in doubt, it may be useful to provide different mixdowns with varying degrees of effects in the sum tracks for mastering. But you should always remove the limiter. And if it is very difficult to decide, we will discuss the mixes together.

Are there any additional information that you need from me?

Clear guidelines concerning loudness, dynamics, frequency band for mastering are advantageous in any case. If you have any reference titles or created test Masters, this can facilitate cooperation in the project. Please - if known - specify the track order for albums / EP's. If the CD-Text should be written into the master, I need a list of all properly written information: artist name, album or release titles, all song titles and if present, the ISRC codes. And very important is the target media Posted: CD, vinyl, online, iTunes or several locations.

Where do i upload the Mixes?

The best way is onto my or your FTP server or another file sharing service of your choice. The important thing is, that the service does not open tons of popup windows or annoying advertisings.

How do i get the Masters back?

I'll send you a download link to a file in a suitable format for your release. For a CD release you first get the Masters in WAV format for acceptance. After that, I create some WAV's and a DDP image, which can be transmitted as a template to the pressing shop. The press shop manufactures the CDs or Vinyls on this basis. For Online-publications use the mastered WAV files.

How to proceed with revised mixes?

Normally, they are included at no extra charge - unless you send new mixes after mastering of already processed songs, then it will be settled on the time involved.

Is Stem, bus or separation mastering also possible?

I can do that. Despite its not necessary for a balanced mix - it could also offer other possibilities for intervention in problematic situations. Whether this is a meaningful stylistic device, has to be discussed individually.

How do i pay your Service?

You can pay with bank transfer or Paypal. The necessary details are on the invoice

Is it possible to get a Testmaster?

Yes, of course. The Only thing is, that you will receive a 75%-length master.

What if i'm not Satisfied with your Service?

Thats no Problem. You will have a 100% Money-Back Guarentee within 14 Days..

I want to set mastering credits on my publication?

Thats easy:: Mastered by
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