Sounddesign with Passion, Heart and Soul

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  • Emotion

    The Closeness to the Artists is essential to reinforce the original Emotion of the Music while mastering.
  • Balance

    To bring the Loudness, Liveliness and emotional Effect into perfect Balance is my desired Goal.
  • Technology

    The Mix of High-End Technology, hearing, touch and sensitivity gives your Artwork the final cut.
  • Special Knowledge and Experience on Harps, Finger-/Flatpicking Acoustic- and Harpguitars.
  • Guido Michael Alexander

    Soundengineer, Mastering-Engineer, Musician and Composer, Perfectionist with the Feeling for musical Emotionality
  • Just Music

  • Genres: From Acoustic over Choir and Orchestra up to Soul, HipHop, R&B, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter, Deep House, Dance, and Pop & Rock.
  • Many years of Experience and Passion create unforgettable Artworks.
  • Room-Acoustics measured and built by Bernhard Wenzel and Reto Mertens of SoundFabrics Geneve


Animated with passion, heart and soul.

Guido Michael Alexander

Audio Mastering

Kesselbachstrasse 18

CH-9450 Altstätten

contact (at)

Mo-So: 00.00 - 23.59

Opened according to the arrangement

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